Is Ilfracombe set to give Padstow a run for its money?
April 18, 2018

Renowned food critic, Jay Rayner visits the Seafood & Grill


It's not everyday that one of the most recognisable food critics in the country walks through your door, but that is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when Jay Rayner (known widely for his appearances on Masterchef and feared by chefs across the country) paid us a visit for lunch!

We'll admit that it was a daunting prospect, especially as we are the new kid on the block, but when his review was published in the Guardian this weekend we were a mix off chuffed and relieved!

He certainly wasn't shy in highlighting some of the teething issues we are still working to fix, but his comments are all fair and they are niggles which we are constantly working on to improve. However, it was his fantastic comments about our food which really had us jumping for joy!

"‘’(The) Skate wing is dressed with brown butter, capers and crayfish, and is one of the best versions of this dish ever laid in front of me.’’

He was also very complimentary regarding our affordability by saying:

‘’The value is undeniable. If I were nearby, I would choose to eat here again without hesitation. Take that as a recommendation.’

This fantastic coverage comes after the Michelin guide tweeted about the restaurants earlier this year, and with coverage also expected in more national press over the next few weeks, things are looking good for Ilfracombe. Thomas's brother and business partner Kevin, said ‘’Our mission was never solely about the restaurants, it’s to generate the reputation the whole town deserves. Ilfracombe has a wonderful selection of eateries we’re proud to be to be a part of. Added to the arts, views and other places of interest, it’s about time that reputation was nationally recognised, not just regionally.’’

The full review can be found here - -to-be-liked-restaurant-review