Is Ilfracombe set to give Padstow a run for its money?
April 18, 2018

Our local MP visits

Thomas Carr Seafood & Grill

Thomas Carr Seafood & Grill was delighted to welcome North Devon's MP, Peter Heaton-Jones this week.

Peter popped in between local engagements to have a look around our lovely building and have a chat with Thomas and Kevin about the new business, the growing reputation Ilfracombe has as a foodie destination and the issues facing local businesses.

During his visit, Peter was treated to tasters of delicious food being prepared by our Head Chef, Chris Essex and his team here at the Seafood & Grill including smoked duck breast, fennel-cured salmon and spiced lamb fritters.
Whilst sampling the treats from the kitchen, Peter had a good chance to chat to Thomas and Kevin about the increasing popularity of Ilfracombe, especially with the growth of the reputation particularly as a town with great eateries and galleries.
Both Peter and Thomas commented on the fantastic improvements that had happened at Petroc and the importance of offering quality apprenticeships and training offered within the catering industry.
On the topic of small businesses both Kevin and Thomas exclaimed the difficulties that a low VAT threshold causes smaller businesses as it can often mean the businesses reduce their staffing or opening times/period in order not to go over the threshold; but thriving businesses often have no option, especially when they are keen to provide jobs for local people and stay open and running to encourage people to visit Ilfracombe.
Peter was grateful for the brothers' feedback as he felt it was always easier to go back to Westminster with real life examples of how policies affect businesses in rural communities.

Peter clearly enjoyed his visit as he tweeted shortly after "Great business, great for the local economy...and great food"!